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Sealcoating Products / Equipment

Starting a successful sealcoating business can be done with a small investment in the correct tools for the job. Below you will find information on the products you need to sealcoat successfully. 


The quality of the sealant used on a job is the single most important factor in the quality of the finished product. Jet Black Oil Based (Cut Back) or Water Based (LP) Sealants are made in Canada and can be purchased at Cubex Ltd by the drum, tote or by the Liter. 

Jet Black (Cut Back)
Jet Black is a premium quality asphalt solvent blend that cures to a hard, water and weather resistant protective coating over most surfaces. Jet Black improves the appearance of older paved areas and retards the natural paving process of asphaltic pavements. It is recommended for sealing driveways, parking lots, foundations, tennis courts and other asphalt surfaces.

Jet Black does not need to be mixed prior to use and can be stored outdoors during the winter. 

Jet Black LP (Water Based)

A new generation of pavement sealcoat that is high performance and an effective alternative to both refined tar and asphalt emulsion sealers. Jet Black LP has an extraordinary degree of toughness and water repellency, unmatched by competitive sealer. It forms a tough, durable, and flexible coating that protects asphalt pavements. 


  • Marathon PAS Sprayers are designed for use with solvent based sealers, asphalt cutback, foundation coatings and concrete primers. These are the appropriate sprayers for spraying Jet Black Cut Back and can be ordered with 10gpm or 18gpm Albany gear pumps. PAS units can be ordered with 70 or 115 gallon tanks; or can be ordered without a tank (set up to suck direct from a barrel or tote). Cubex sells the PAS sprayers and when they are purchased they are READY TO SPRAY!

  • Marathon DPS9 Sprayer is a dual diaphragm system designed to spray water based sealers like Jet Black LP. The spray system puts out a lot of material and is great for jobs that require a lot of square feet to be sprayed in a short period of time.  


Brushes / Squeegees

Can be purchased at Cubex

Can be used to completely sealcoat smaller jobs or to "cut in" larger jobs before a sprayer is used.

Prepping Equipment

​Prepping equipment is used to ensure the pavement surface and cracks are clean and free of debris. This allows the sealant and crack fill to bond to the pavement leading to a better quality repair. 

  • Blower - efficiently removes dust, debris, grass clippings, etc. 

  • Tiger Torch - heats cracks as well as burns deep rooted vegetation growing in cracks.

  • Steel Bristle Broom/Brush - removes hard packed debris from asphalt surface, cracks, etc.

  • Bensink Broom - efficiently removes hard packed debris from asphalt surface, cracks, etc.

  • Weed Whacker - used to cut back vegetation from the edges of the pavement. Cutting back vegetation is important so there is clear separation between pavement and grass, etc.

  • SOS Primer - grabs and seals the oil and grease spots on pavement. This should be sprayed on pavement stains, it dries within 30 minutes of being applied. Prepping the pavement with this product will allow the sealer to bond with problem areas on asphalt. For more information on SOS Primer - Click Here.

  •  Chapin Hand Sprayer - used to spray product like SOS Primer onto problem spots.

  • "Caution Style" Tape - used to barricade the area before and after the sealcoat has been applied. It is important that the area is barricaded from traffic or the public while the sealant is curing.


Crack Sealing Products

Depending on the size of the job a variety of different crack sealing items can be used. See our crack sealing equipment page for full detail on crack sealing equipment.

For Driveway or Parking Lot Sealcoating jobs, the most commonly used equipment for crack sealing are:

  • Marathon DF10W - Melter/Applicator for Direct Fired Hot Pour Rubber


  • Marathon DF30 - Large Capacity Melter for Direct Fired Hot Pour Rubber. Needs to be used in conjunction with an applicator.


  • Pouring Cone - (applicator) an easy and convenient way to apply hot rubber to random cracks. 


  • Pour Pot - (applicator) come with steel wheels and a dispensing system that creates an over-band with the hot pour rubber.


  • Elastoflex 650DF - is the premier Direct Fired Hot Rubber product on the market. It is sold in Polyskin or Cardboard Box packaging. 

  • Star Sta Flex - Cold Pour Crack filler can be used on smaller cracks with a width of 1/4" or less. 


  • Gator Patch - is used to fill larger cracks and alligatored areas prior to sealing. 


Tar/Asphalt Remover

Solvall - It cannot be understated how important this product is to a successful sealing job. Sealants will get on everything including your tools, equipment and vehicles. This solvent based cleaner is non-foaming and evaporates slowly. Cubex sells this product in 1 gallon spray bottles or 5 gallon pails. Solvall is meant to removes coal tar sealer, asphalt sealer and roofing tar from most water washable surfaces!


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