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Mastic Products

The products you will need to perform successful mastic repairs


Marathon Mastic Mixers

The Mastic Mixer is used to heat and mix the melt-able Mastic material. The mastic material can be applied directly to the roadway from the mixer or with a Mastic Applicator (see below).

You will need a Mastic Mixer to perform Mastic Repairs. Marathon is the leading manufacturer in the industry for engineering the best Mastic Mixers! 

Cubex is your local supplier for Marathon Equipment. 

Mixers Available in 2 Sizes:

  • 250 Gallon (Diesel Fired)

  • 350 Gallon (Diesel Fired)

Brochures & Specs

Mastic Applicator (MD12)

Marathon's Mastic Dispenser is a self contained heated applicator designed to keep material at an effective applicating temperature. 

MD12 Applicators can be purchased through Cubex.

Mastic Priming.jpg

GAP Primer

Priming the repair surface can be an important step between pavement preparation, cleaning, and the actually material installation. Priming neutralizes remnant dirt and dust and provides better bonding to pavement. 

Spray enough GAP Primer to lightly cover all exposed surfaces of the pavement to be repaired.

Cubex is your local supplier for GAP PRIMER

Mastic Hand Tools

Mastic Hand Tools are used to distribute and smooth the Mastic Material evenly across the entire surface of the repair. They bring the repair surface flush and level with the surrounding pavement. This creates a final even, level, and smooth finish over the entire repair and creates a smooth ride for traffic. 

Hand tools can be purchased through Cubex.

Mastic Tools.png

Maxwell Mastic Materials

Cubex is the supplier for Maxwell Mastic materials in Western Canada. Maxwell Products has manufactured high-quality pavement preservation products since 1975. For over 40 years they have focused on intensely on product innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Each batch of Maxwell Mastic Material is quality tested to ensure the same quality leaves factory every time!

GAP Mastic is the melt-able Mastic Material that is applied to the pavement to make the repair. A few products are well suited for use in Western Canada's colder climate (click below for further detail):

  1. MOD 201

  2. MOD 202

  3. Gap Patch 330

PolySkin Packaging

Maxwell Mastic Products are packaged in fully melt-able package called PolySkin.

Polyskin Packaging saves time on the job, eliminates the hassle of box cutters and cardboard waste, and delivers stable, weatherproof storage. 

Polyskin's quickly dissolving, polymer bead construction eliminates the messy clogs and tangles common with the plastic liners and wrappers used in other melt-able package solutions. 


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