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Products for Crack Sealing

Having the proper equipment and sealant is essential for a successful Crack Sealing job. 

The following products can be purchased through Cubex. 

Cold Pour Products

  • Star Sta-Flex is a Cold Pour Crack Filler is sold in 1 gallon (4.5 L) containers with a spout. This product is great for filling cracks 1/4" wide or less. 3.785L will fill approximately 100 linear feet of crack up. 


  • Gator Patch is designed specifically to fill alligator cracked areas, shallow depressions or to fill cracks in excess of 1/2" wide. This product is sold in 5 gallon pails. Approximately 20-50 sq.ft per gallon on alligatored areas up to 1/4" depth. Approximately 150 linear feet per gallon for cracks 1/2" x 1/2".


  • Squeegees are used to smooth out any excess Sta-Flex  (V or U-Shaped), while straight blade squeegees are used to spread out / roll Gator Patch. Each of these types of Squeegees can be purchased at Cubex.    

Hot Pour Products

  • Elastoflex 650 DF is a hot pour rubber that is designed with medium viscosity for all-round ease of application and to excel in demanding applications such as parking lots, city streets, and other areas where sealants are expected to set up quickly and resist tracking. It should be melted with a direct fired melter like the Marathon DF30 (below) or melted/applied with the Marathon DF10W (below). This product can be purchased at Cubex in cardboard box or Polyskin packaging. Meets ASTM D5078.

  • Elastoflex 410 is a hot pour rubber that is designed as a highway sealant. It is aimed at providing affordable, consistent performance in high-traffic areas. This product should be melted with an oil jacketed kettle like the Marathon UCMK (below) or melted and applied with a kettle like the Marathon KERA-BRE units (below). This product can be purchased at Cubex in Polyskin packaging. Meets ASTM D6690 Type-1.

  • Elastoflex 71  is a hot pour rubber has been formulated with a low viscosity for maximum crack penetration. It is ideal for highways, county roads, airports and concrete joints. It delivers high performance at a moderate cost and is well suited for the freeze/thaw flexing in colder climates. This product should be melted with an oil jacketed kettle like the Marathon UCMK (below) or melted and applied with a kettle like the Marathon KERA-BRE units (below). This product can be purchased at Cubex in Polyskin Packaging. Meets ASTM D6690 Type-4. 

  • Marathon DF10W Melter/Applicator has a 10 gallon rubber tank that is heated with a propane torch (direct fired). The unit melts hot rubber, is equipped with a material temperature gauge, a set of steel wheels, and a spring loaded hand release valve for easy release of material. The steel shoe spreads and strikes off sealant in a uniform width. This is a great entry level / all-in-one unit that allows you to melt & apply hot rubber material. Cubex has these units for sale. 


  • Marathon DF30 Melter is a stationary melter that holds 30 gallons of hot rubber material. It is for melting purposes only, you will need to pour material into 1 or more applicators on the job site. The higher capacity tank allows for more material to be heated at a much faster rate. The large "heat sink" allows new rubber bricks to melt faster, and when on large job sites, this unit allows you to produce more melted rubber in a short period of time. Multiple applicators (see below) can be used alongside this unit for higher production. 


  • Marathon UCMK Trailers are gravity fed, oil jacketed asphalt melting kettles capable of heating, melting and dispensing hot applied rubberized material for crack sealing, waterproofing, and roofing. Tank sizes up to 370 gallons are available and can have either diesel or propane fired burners for material heat. These units are best used in conjunction with applicators (see below). Marathon UCMK Trailers are a good solution for contractors doing large parking lots, municipal or highway work. Many municipalities, counties and airports purchase these units.
    UCMK Video - With Cone Applicator 


  • Marathon KERA Trailers are designed for high production crack filling of hot poured rubber. These diesel fired kettles feature an electrically heated hose delivery system that is capable of heating, melting and applying rubber. It is not necessary the use an applicator with this machine, the hose system applies rubber at a faster rate than external applicators do. The kettles can be set up with a 3" valve on the rear to dispense material into external applicators in addition to the hose system. 
    Marathon KERA Video


  • Marathon Hot Air Lance is a high temperature, high velocity, hot air lance that will easily dry moisture from the pavement allowing the operator to crack seal much faster. This process is ideal for the preparation of crack sealing because it allows for superior adhesion of the crack sealant to the asphalt. Using this tool will extend the life of the repair. A propane bottle and compressor are required to utilize this tool. Hot Air Lance units should be used on Parking Lot, Municipal, Highway and Airport repairs. Cubex is a supplier for the Marathon Hot Air Lance units. 
    Hot Air Lance Video


  • Marathon Crack Routers offer a more productive method of routing random cracks in asphalt. The balanced weight distribution, inline wheels and cutter head, plus extended handle, effectively reduces operator fatigue and allows for safer, smoother, and more accurate maneuverability. Marathon makes their routers in Regular and Dustless versions. The dustless version has a dust collection bag system that filters all dust generated by the routing process. For best routing results the blades should be replaced at approximate 5,500 linear feet intervals. Cubex is a supplier of Marathon Routers and Blades.
    Dustless Router Video


  • Applicators come in a variety of designs. Generally they are hand held or come with wheels and allow the applying person to lay down rubber remotely from the kettle. Multiple applicators can be used on the same job to improve production. The Marathon DF10W (above) is a great applicator when used in combination with a larger melter like the DF30 (above). Other designs provide no heat:

    • Pouring Cone

    • Wheeled Applicator​


  • Squeegee (V or U-Shaped) are generally used after pouring cones or wheeled applicators are used to smooth out the rubber that has been laid down and create an over band. 

Mastic Repair

Mastic repair should only be used in the most extreme crack repair situations. Generally mastic is required when cracks exceed 1" in width. Mastic provides a waterproof repair that returns structural strength to the repaired area. This is a great solution for wide cracks, potholes, alligatored areas and ravelling. ​

For More Information, See our Mastic Info Page


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