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Mastic Repair

A "one time" application of hot pour mastics permanently restores performance to pavements with defects while also waterproofing the repair. No other current material or pavement preservation method provides the same combination of COST EFFECTIVE, FAST, PERMANENT, VERSATILE repair. 

Mastic 2.jpg
Mastic 2.jpg

Where To Use Mastic

  • Wide Cracks

  • Filling, Sealing and Repairing Pavement Distresses

  • Filling Potholes and Utility Cuts

  • Pavement Seams and Shoulder Joint Failures

  • Skin Patches, Alligator/Spider Web Cracking

  • Raveled Pavements

  • Around Raised Manholes, Drain and Culvert Repairs

  • Rough Driving Surfaces

  • Depressions, Ruts and Cupped Pavements

  • Leveling Bridge Approaches

  • Bridge Deck Repairs

  • Concrete Repairs

Benefits of Mastic

  • Waterproof Repair = Seals Repaired Area

  • Permanent (8+ Year) Repair

  • Returns Structural Integrity to Repaired Area

  • Can be Applied at ambient temperatures of -25c

  • Immediate Rideability

  • Asphalt Binder has Elongation = Great Bending/Flexing Capability 

  • Product does not become brittle at low temperature

  • Product does not become soft at higher temperature

  • Can make repairs on both Asphalt and Concrete

Important Mastic Products

  • Mastic Trailers - Used to heat and mix the mastic material before it is applied. Many trailers allow you to dispense material directly onto the repair area. 

  • Mastic Dispenser - Must be used in conjunction with a mastic trailer because it does not mix material. Material from a trailer is poured into this unit so it can be applied in various, hard-to-reach areas.

  • Hand Tools - Used to spread and smooth mastic material on the repair area. These must be heated prior to use so material does not stick to them. 

  • Gap Primer - Should be sprayed onto repair area before mastic material is applied. It can increase the longevity of the repair by 2-3 years. 

  • Mastic Material - This product is melted and applied to the repair area. It is what fills & seals the repair area. 

  • Topping Stone - (optional) Used to coat the top of the mastic repair area. It allows for faster rideability, reduces any "tackiness" from the material, and is generally is closer to the surrounding road color. 

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Cost Effective

  • Reduced Manpower, equipment and mobilization required

  • Affordable Material Costs

  • Longevity of Repair (8+ years)

Mastic 6.png


  • Available year round, complete mastic materials in melt-able boxes

  • Minimal pavement prep, clean & dry pavement is all that is required

  • Shorter traffic closures due to quick application and material set times. Safer for crews and motorists. 

  • Easy to finish, no compaction needed. Let cool, then open to traffic. 


  • Flexes with the pavement, returns structural strength, water-seals and protects the road base

  • Stays in the hold. Compatible with other surface treatments

  • Returns smooth ride quality for years to come

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